How the courses at Kidlit Writing School are structured:

  • Each course is typically 5 weeks long (though we do have some advanced classes that will run longer) with a one week "midterm break" built in.
  • Lessons will be posted daily Mondays through Fridays during the four weeks of the course. They will remain online for four months so students can work at their own pace.
  •  A weekly webinar will address topics related to the class. Webinars will also provide an opportunity for personal feedback from the instructors. They will be recorded and available for students to access for four months after the completion of the course.
  • Students will be able to interact with the instructors and each other via an organized, private Facebook group hosted just for each class. This will be an excellent resource to form critique groups, to freely ask questions, and to support each other as you launch into your project.

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Courses We Offer

Kidlit Writing School Offers online courses in all genres and aspects of children's literature and our instructors are all published writers who can guide you through both the craft of writing for children and the business of children's publishing.

Here are some of the courses that are available:

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