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Kidlit Writing School is for people who want to learn how to write children’s literature or for those who want to get better at writing for children.   

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Register for Kidlit Summer School

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Kidlit Writing Scho​ol


Kidlit Summer School is a 4-week blog event that focuses on one aspect of craft every year. In the past, we’ve had a course called Building Character and one called The Plot Thickens. The best part? It is completely free to register and participate.

This year’s course will run from July 11, 2016 through August 5, 2016. Pre-registration will run through June 27. Why should you register? Well, as always, we’ve got perks for you if you do. Only registered members of Kidlit Summer School are:

  • eligible to win any giveaways or books, critiques, or other swag that we’ll be handing out during the month
  • eligible to participate in special Summer School events like webinars
  • able to access the Kidlit Summer School exercise book
  • invited to join our private Kidlit Summer School Facebook community where you can connect to other children’s book creators and lovers of kidlit

Want a reason to pre-register? How about this: All pre-registered members of Kidlit Summer School 2016 will be able to watch a special Q&A Webinar with Editors Caroline Abbey and Aimee Friedman!

Registering is easy — just fill out the registration form below. We hope we’ll see you in class!